Saturday, January 3, 2009

Green Maraschino

We have silently launched our "Green Maraschino" (GM) open source initiative. Objective of GM is to provide an open platform for ultra-low power computing, from silicon to super-cloud architecture. Users as well as developers are invited to participate. Just talking about global warming is not good enough anymore. Talk the talk and walk the walk. GM's objective is to provide a platform that reduces energy consumption of computers, networks and data centers dramatically, at a price point that is far below we are used to today.

Green Maraschino is a journey, not a destination, driven by the community, for the community. As we move forward priorities might change. However, providing a platform for ultra-low energy consuming systems for the least possible price are pillars of the GM value system and will not change.

Please send an email to and become a part of the movement.

GM is divided in 10 sub-projects:

M0 Embedded-Linux
M1 Multi-core/Multi-processor load balancing and utilization optimization
M2 Device drivers
M3 Browser and plug-ins
M4 Local applications
M5 Connectivity to Internet and Cloud
M6 Cloud infrastructure
M7 Cloud applications and services
M8 Grid and Cluster engine
M9 Super-Cloud infrastructure (cloud-to-cloud)

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What stage are you at right now?