Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CherryPals are shipping, and shipping, and shipping ...

We are shipping Cherrypals since over a month now. Some media outlets still broadcast "scam" warnings and other misleading information about us. CherryPal is still considered "vaporware" by those who are ignoring facts, and probably not interested in inexpensive energy-conserving technologies at all.

We are not alone in this uphill battle. I am in touch with many greentech/cleantech companies, many of them complain about unfair media coverage, I wonder why.

Let's focus on the more important things though.

We are preparing the launch of a very broad open source initiative, called Green Maraschino. Objective of Green Maraschino is to involve users as well as open source developers all over the world to make inexpensive low-energy consuming technologies even more user friendly and powerful. Coming soon ...

A big thank you to our Brand Angels. They have been tough but fair with us. Their feedback is "priceless". It's fun and very rewarding working with them. Again, thank you very much.

One more thing. Supposedly the car industry bailout bill passed today - $14 Billion - WOW. Imagine, how many jobs could be created in the greentech industry for this amount of money, how much energy could be saved, how much pollution could be reduced if Washington would provide our industry with $14 Billion? By the way, I am talking to a little car company in the DC area. They have developed an electric city car, just $16,000 retail ... they can't get funding. You figure.

Drill baby drill is easy - preserving our planet for future generations is not that easy and requires teamwork, let's do it together. If you would like to get involved in Green Maraschino send me a mail (