Saturday, October 11, 2008

The C114 is coming Election Day, November 4th

Finally, CherryPals are going to be shipped November 4th, 2008.

We have made some last minute changes, slimmer casing, more local memory (Solid State Drive 8GB), and all for the same low price of US$ 249. The lower memory C100 (4GB SSD) won't be offered anymore.
The very recent economic global crisis painfully reminded us that US politics have global reach, they impact every corner of our world. We also know by now that reducing the pace we pollute our environment takes a gobal effort, why not start with it now?
On Election Day 11/4 CherryPals will get shipped for the first time, we will know who is going to move into the White House and last but not least we will learn very soon thereafter whether or not the United States government will finally take environmental issues more seriously.
Ironically, embracing the green movement and creating new jobs are directly related to each other. Industry analysts have predicted that we here in the United States could create as much as 5 Million new jobs over the next 10 years if our government would provide more aggressive incentives and support to jump-start green technologies companies. Needless to say the global impact in terms of job creation as well as benefits for the environments would be mindboggling!!!
Well, in that regards I do have a questions? Is Obama or McCain more serious about boosting green technologies? Let me know what your thoughts are?


mavericktrader said...

Hey Max

I was wondering if you could share your passion on our show by calling in on a Friday.

Anonymous said...

Where can one find more detailed specs?

IS the OS stored in flash? Can it be upgraded and if so, how?